Jan McComas


Meet Jan McComas, an award-winning artist driven by her passion for photography. Using the tools of her art, Jan not only documents her own life experiences, but she also strives to capture the world around her – as she sees it in her own “lens” – and to share that vision with others. When Jan works her photography, the shapes and colors that she sees through her lens become her reality and she feels immersed, if not lost, in that brilliant new world. In fact, it is that magic she finds most compelling – the magic of capturing an image that tells a story all by itself, and has no need for the constraints of mere words.

Jan’s favorite outlet for her creative energies is a challenging art called HDR, which is short for High Dynamic Range. In producing an HDR image, Jan combines multiple exposures of the same shot in a way that enhances all the detail from the image’s entire range of available brightness and color. The result is a stunning image showing far more detail, and much richer highlights and deeper shadows, than the individual photos could convey. Jan’s skills in HRD photography allow her the freedom to produce natural looking, almost three dimensional images, or to let her more artistic side interpret the shots and create very unique emotive images.

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Jan’s lifelong romance with the photographic arts began immediately after her Dad gave her a Kodak Instamatic Camera when she was only 10. Jan has been infatuated with photography ever since. Jan followed her passion as a young woman to Antonelli College where she graduated with an Associate's Degree in Photography with Applied Business.

Jan is a freelance photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in landscape and architectural photography. Jan moved to Biloxi, Mississippi in April 2014.

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